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Lucie Foundation Emerging Artist Scholarship

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I'm stoked to be on the shortlist for the Lucie Foundation's Emerging Artist Scholarship. The "short" list has about 45 talented photographers on it and it's an honor to be in their company, including one of the homies from below the border, Luis Antonio Rojas

Sara Hylton and Andrea Hernandez are on a slightly shorter-list for the photojournalism and documentary scholarship.

There's a small selection of photos from the project I submitted, looking at communties of Lost Tribe Jews in Northeast India and Burma, up on the foundation's website where you can also see the projects submitted by all the photographers.

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Drone projects published by British Journal of Photography

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I’m really stoked that Above Gaza and The Third Eye, two projects made in collaboration with Italian photographer Vittoria Mentasti on Israel's drone industry and the effect of militarized drones on civilians in Gaza, were published on the British Journal of Photography’s website.

Since we were interviewed separately it was nice to read Vittoria’s powerful words about the work. Especially telling was this excerpt: “The use of drones ensures a state of fear that perpetuates war,” says Mentasti, who has been working with Tepper to document drones and their use in Gaza. “All people in Gaza now suffer from the traumatic experience of war and the lack of any illusion of safety makes it impossible to heal from trauma.”


The Lost Tribe Awarded the CAPTA U35 Grant

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I'm very grateful that my project on Lost Tribe Jews in Northeast India and Burma has been awarded the Under 35 Grant by the CAPTA photo cooperative. I started this work last year, interested in issues of identity, migration and faith and was quickly overwhelmed with the kindness and hospitality shown to me by members of the communities. Photographing their embodiment and expression of religion allowed me to look inwards and take stock of my own relationship with Judaism. It was a very special experience that I can’t wait to continue. You can see a selection of images from the ongoing project on their website.

Above Gaza recognized by LensCulture Exposure Awards

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A short series from the project Above Gaza, that was made in collaboration with Italian photographer Vittoria Mentasti, on Israel's drone industry and the effect of militarized drones on civilians in Gaza was selected as a finalist in the the LensCulture exposure awards.

I'm happy for the recognition of this pressing issue and to be in the company of so much excellent photo work by the others finalists and winners...

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Drone Projects Featured on

Added on by Daniel Tepper., an online French arts and criticism journal, published a feature about the projects Above Gaza and Infrared (Gaza), that I made in collaboration with Italian photographer Vittoria Mentasti. (The article is in French but auto-translate does a decent enough job.)

French writer, critic, and educator Christian Gatttinoni said of the work, "From a traditional reporting position Daniel Tepper and Vittoria Mentasti put together a powerful documentary fiction that crosses purely factual images and other visions of a new committed humanism..."

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Above Gaza in Le Monde's M Magazine

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I'm really stoked to have photographs from Above Gaza, a project made in collaboration with Vittoria Mentasti, featured in Le Monde's M Magazine. The magazine relaunched their now-expanded portfolio section with this issue and published 10 pages of our photos. You can see an online version of the article, in English, along with more photos here



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I'm stoked to be part of the upcoming alumni show at the International Center of Photography school, exhibiting a couple of video installations from a project I've been working on with Vittoria Mentasti - looking at of thermal imaging cameras used by aerial drones.️


RISC Training in Turin, Italy

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RISC is an amazing organization that provides free medical training and first-aid equipment to journalists and photographers who work in conflict zones and war. They have been holding trainings all over the world and I was happy to catch one in Turin over the summer. I took the course in 2013 and still remember how demanding and exciting it was. It was great to see again and this time I didn't get covered in fake blood.

You can read my story about the training and see more photographs, here, on VICE.

Drone Nation in American Photography

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I'm really stoked to have this photo from Drone Nation selected to be part of American Photography 32. Vittoria Mentasti and I made this photo inside the MALAT division factory at Israel Aerospace Industries.  IAI's unmanned aerial vehicles and their control stations are made and displayed in this large hangar which serves as both an assembly plant and showroom. 

You can see other photographers' work that is included in AP-32 here.

Counter-Drone technology at ASU&R Conference

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I attended a drone conference outside Tel Aviv last week to write about counter-drone technology and how troublesome UAVs have become for Israel, the country that pioneered the use of modern drones in combat.

You can see the article here, on VICE News. 

New World Passover with the Black Hebrews

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I went to Dimona, in southern Israel, to visit the Black Hebrew Israelites during their New World Passover celebration. The community known as the Black Hebrews came from the United States and settled first in Africa before moving to Israel in 1970. 

Read more about the group and their annual celebration here, on VICE.

Jerusalem Day 2015

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I covered Jerusalem Day for VICE News. The annual holiday is celebrated by nationalist-Israelis and celebrates the reunification of the city under Israeli control after the Six-Day War in 1967. Tensions run high as Palestinian demonstrate against Jewish revelers marching through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

You can see more here

Under The Helmet - Film Review

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I went to the screening of "Under the Helmet" an Israeli documentary film that follows a group of young Israeli draftees as they begin training to become combat paratroopers. I wrote a short review and spoke with some audience members after the screening to hear what they thought of the film. 

You can see more here, on Middle East Eye.

UVID Drone Conference

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Photo by Vittoria Mentasti

Photo by Vittoria Mentasti

Photographer Vittoria Mentasti and I went to the Unmanned Vehicle Israel Defense conference outside of Tel Aviv. Drones are big business in Israel and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  industry here has been the leading worldwide exporter of drone systems since the mid-1980's. 

At the conference, Israeli companies spoke about testing out new drone systems during the war in Gaza and unrest in Jerusalem this past summer. 

you can see more here, on Middle East Eye. 

Jerusalem Day 2014

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I worked with journalist, Ben Hattem, on a  of couple of articles covering Jerusalem Day, an annual Israeli holiday that commemorates the reunification of the city following the Six Day War in 1967. Many Palestinians consider the festivities to be an aggressive expression of Israeli nationalism and the day is marked by protests and clashes around Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem.

You can read about it and see some of my photographs on Vice News and Middle East Eye.

LED's in Gaza

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I met Hassan Saad a few weeks ago in Gaza City. He keeps a bunch of used car batteries in his garage that he has hooked up to a series of LED lights that run all over his neighborhood and into 60 of his neighbors' homes. Hassan undertook this project as an act of charity, dedicated to the soul of his father who had recently passed away. 

A slideshow with more photographs from the night is up on Vocativ.

Ramallah is a Paradise

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Some of my photos from Ramallah were published on Vice for their Paradise Series. Unlike other posts in the series that poke fun at whatever city is featured, I wanted to show Ramallah as a strange and wonderful place. They altered my short introduction, here's what I originally wrote:

"I moved to Ramallah last year to work as a newspaper photographer for a newspaper. Coming from Brooklyn, I found the city to be equal parts friendly and odd. In my memories, smells of Arabic coffee and sweet shisha smoke wafting out of cafes mix with the stink of burning garbage and the sting of teargas from clashes at the nearby Qalandiya checkpoint.

Ramallah sits in the middle of an ongoing conflict that is so entwined with daily life that sometimes, when I was swept up in the everyday bustle, I didn’t even notice it."

You can see more photographs here.