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Arivaca Fights Back in Mother Jones

Added on by Daniel Tepper.

I'm stoked to share some photographs I made for Mother Jones Magazine in Arivaca, Arizona - a small town with less than 700 people that sits ten miles from the border with Mexico. Last summer a bunch of anti-immigrant militias came to town so the locals banded together to kick them out.

Arivaca, which is unincorporated and has no local government or police force is a wild mix of cowboys and ranchers, ex-hippies, retirees, migrant-activists, and more than a few kooks. Whether liberal or conservative, most people express libertarian views and are fiercely independent - many of them have a strong affinity for guns, weed, and not much love for the Customs and Border Patrol who are constantly barreling through town and have a permanent checkpoint set up on the main road that connects to the freeway.

You can see the article here.